New Jack-Up Systems

Our Jack-Up Systems provide a new solution for lifting, lowering and holding heavy loads. The multi-point hydraulic lifting system uses an incremental stage-lifting principle. The lifting frame of each jack-up unit contains four hydraulic cylinders, one in each corner, which synchronously lift and stack steel barrels, forming lifting towers. A typical system setup includes four jack-up towers positioned under each corner of a load.

A small footprint, combined with a high lifting capacity and side load resistance provides the flexibility needed for safely executing lifts with restricted access or overhead obstructions. The system can position a load with pinpoint accuracy and mechanically hold it from below. Our Jack-Up Systems are easy to operate, safe and can be economically transported.

Capacity per Tower: 125 – 750 tons
Lifting height: 6 – 20 meters

Bridge Deck Installation

Key Features

  • Self-contained hydraulics in each jack-up unit for uncluttered work area
  • Synchronously lift loads with multiple jack-up units. The most common system set-up includes 4 jack-up units but can be expanded to include more
  • Lifting barrels are stacked together to mechanically hold the load
  • Up to 5% side load capacity depending on lifting height
  • Computer controls for operating the jack-up system with automatic lifting settings