New High Tonnage Cylinders

Our new High Tonnage Cylinders are designed to provide superior durability and side-load (eccentric load) protection. A wide range of new features will help maintain stability, increase wear resistance and corrosion protection and provide longer service life.

Key Features

  • Nitrocarburization surface treatment improves wear resistance and corrosion protection
  • New bearing material and added bearing surface increase side-load protection
  • Composite bearings surround the seal providing support for eccentric loads
  • Low wear, high pressure seals provide longer service life

The new range of high tonnage cylinders includes four new series

HCG High Tonnage Cylinders HCR High Tonnage Cylinders
Single-Acting, Gravity Return
50-1,000 ton capacity
Double-Acting, Hydraulic Return
50-1,000 ton capacity
HCL High Tonnage Cylinders LPL High Tonnage Cylinders
Lock Nut
Single-Acting, Gravity Return
50-1,000 ton capacity
Low Profile, Lock Nut
Single-Acting, Gravity Return
60-500 ton capacity


  1. 1) Nitrocarburization
    • A nitrocarburization surface treatment is applied to both the inside and outside of the cylinder bases, pistons, stop rings and lock nuts
    • The treatment hardens the surface, improving wear resistance, fatigue life and side-load capacity
  2. 2) Composite Bearings
    • New bearings made from composite materials are less rigid, more stable and function better in cold conditions
    • An increase in bearing surface area also improves stability
    • The bearings surround the seal, creating a more complex leak path, reducing the chance of an external leak, should a seal fail
    • The bearings reduce the chance for metal on metal contact, by properly supporting the piston rod throughout the stroke, reducing galling and increasing side-load protection
    • The new design makes these bearings easily replaceable
    • Composite bearings are on the top and bottom of the HCG and HCR models cylinders, HCL models have a composite bearing on the bottom, the LPL models do not have composite bearings, but there is increased bearing surface.
  3. 3) Seals
    • Redesigned seals minimize drag and improve performance
    • A new material and optimized shape result in faster retraction speed and a longer lasting seal
  4. 4) Collar Threads
    • Will come standard on all HCR and HCG models for fixturing or accessories
  5. 5) Eye Bolts
    • Certified standard swivel eye-bolts provide safe handling and positioning
  6. 6) Base Mounting Holes
    • Allow for easy fixturing or attachment of other accessories. Base mounting holes are standard on all but the low height LPL series

Controlled Lifting
The large and heavy structures that our High Tonnage Cylinders are required to lift or move are all extremely valuable and often irreplaceable pieces of equipment. Control and safety is paramount, especially when distributing the load over multiple points. To ensure that compatibility is guaranteed across all lifting cylinders, Enerpac offers a wide range of split flow pumps and synchronized lifting systems. These complete your heavy lifting solution, allowing you to work in a safe, professional, and efficient manner.

Synchronized Lifting Pumps
EVO-B Series Pumps EVO-Series Pumps
EVO-B Series
PLC-controlled lifting systems using stroke sensors signals for synchronized lifting and lowering of multiple lifting points.
Depending on the model, the PLC operated pump unit can control 4 or 8 lifting points.
PLC-controlled lifting systems up to 12 lifting points. Modular network capability between units to synchronize up to 48 points.
Smart pump technology in combination with stroke and load monitoring per lifting point, provides high accuracy for lifting and lowering applications. Optional: Weighing and center of gravity determination.
Split Flow Pumps
Return Assisted Pumps
SFP-Series Split Flow Pumps Venturi Valve Technology
Split flow pumps distribute an equal amount of hydraulic oil to a maximum of 6 outlets. Smart valve technology allows both controlled lifting and lowering of heavy loads.
Venturi Valve Technology
We have configured 19 standard ZU and ZE pumps with Venturi Valve Technology that improves retraction speed of single-acting and load return cylinders by 3X. Excellent choice for improved efficiency when working with High Tonnage Cylinders.