Powerful Tools and Solutions for Vessel Fabrication and Assembly
Enerpac delivers high quality, reliable tools for the fabrication and assembly of all types of vessels.  Our full range of tools and solutions provide instant efficiency gains versus manual-based operations.  From inside the factory floor to the outside on the dock, Enerpac applications are more extensive than any other supplier in the shipbuilding industry.


Solutions for Shipbuilding Tasks to Improve Safety and Productivity

  Applications Products Used
Hull Fabrication
Shipbuilding Hull Fabrication
Holding work in place from the side for welding Steel, Aluminum hand pump, CLL, CLP Lock nut cylinders, Steel jack
Engine and other leveling / holding larger work from the side for welding Aluminum cylinders
Pulling work pieces in place when lever blocks cannot be used BRC, BRP Pull cylinders, Hollow cylinders
Hull Assembly
Shipbuilding Hull Assembly
Ship module installation SyncHoist system
Position and de-propping hull sections EVO Synchronous lifting system, High tonnage cylinders
Outfitting / Rigging
Shipbuilding Outfitting Rigging
Engine block positioning and other leveling Pancake cylinders, Hydraulic hand pump
Positioning boilers, condensers, heat exchangers High tonnage aluminum cylinders
Various assembly of winches, engines, etc S, W Hydraulic torque wrench, GT Hydraulic Tensioners
Propeller hoist and installation Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic pump
Rudder insertion and installation Hydraulic cylindersHydraulic pump
Stern tube bearing installation Hydraulic cylinders