Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT)

The Enerpac Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) features a minimized height and slim design, which makes it very easy to operate in confined spaces. Each wheel unit has a steering function as well as a lifting cylinder at its disposal. Wheel propulsion is established by wheel drives.

The SPMT is operated by the Intelli-Drive Remote Controller. This remote controller can be used both hard wired and wireless (based on radio frequency).

The SPMT is a modular system comprised of trailers with 3 axle lines each and diesel hydraulic power units (HPU). Depending on the model number, the trailers and HPUs can be configured to a maximum of 4 trailers in 2 rows (4x2) or 6 trailers in 2 rows (6x2).

This is the maximum setup of units that can work together on just one Intelli-Drive Remote Controller.

  • Modular design for multiple configurations
  • Minimized height and slim design are ideal for in-plant operation
  • Intelli-Drive wireless control system is intuitive and easy to use
  • One power pack can operate 2-3 trailers maximum depending on model
  • Two trailers and power pack can be shipped inside a 20 ft. container
  • Hydraulic power unit is tier-4 diesel engine for reduced emissions
(per trailer)
Model Number Maximum Configuration Steering Range Lifting Stroke Wt. HPU * Wt.
ton (kN) (trailer in rows) (degrees) (mm) (kg) (kg)
60 (600) SPMT600-100 4x2 -50˚ – +50˚ 384 2500 8000
SPMT600-360 6x2 -179˚ – +179˚ 384 2800 8300

* HPU = 55 kW Power Pack Diesel

(per transporter)
Transporter Model Number Max Configuration
(transporters in rows)
Steering Range Steering Mode Retracted Height Average Travel Height Overall Length Lifting Stroke Wt.
Model No.
(ton) (degrees) crab carousel A
(in) (lbs) (lbs)
67 SPMT600-100 4x2 ±50˚ 30.20 37.76 14.96 15.12 15,432 MTPP-100 5512
SPMT600-360 6x2 ±179˚ 30.07 37.64 17.02 15.12 17,637 MTPP-360 5512

* HPU = 75 hp Power Pack Diesel. HPU is sold separately.

Transporting plate through narrow passage below reactor vessel

Transporting plate through narrow passage below reactor vessel
A 3 ft. thick steel plate measuring 14 ft. in diameter was transported through an existing hatch by an SPMT600, providing radiation shielding beneath a reactor vessel head assembly.